Interested in Genocide, Conflict and Human Rights certificate program?

The Sleuk Rith Institute (SRI) is proud to launch the 2015/2016 Certificate Program in Genocide, Conflict, and Human Rights.

The Certificate Program is an intensive three-month (one semester) program designed for high school graduates and university students aimed at educating professionals in genocide, conflict transformation, human rights, democracy, peace, and international development. Granted by SRI and accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport in Cambodia, the Certificate Program is comprised of five focused courses through which students build their knowledge of genocide, conflict and human rights and explore strategies for genocide prevention, conflict resolution and reconciliation, peacemaking, and leadership.

As part of a learning community the Certificate program’s students will expand their knowledge about critical issues and develop academic research, study, and communication skills. The certificate program is rigorous and requires full-time commitment.

The program is open to all qualified candidates, regardless of nationality. International applicants should be aware, however, that classes will be conducted in both English and Khmer. Candidates should be prepared to demonstrate their ability to read, write, and converse in English and Khmer. The study program is fully funded for local students.

Application form can be found here
General information about the Certificate Program

Please direct inquiries to 023 214009 or Email: [email protected]

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