What is Genocide Education Memorial Project Cambodia? Why it matters?

With 70% of Cambodia’s population born after the fall of the regime, it is crucial that this history does not get forgotten before it has been fully understood. The Genocide Education Memorial Project Cambodia is part of a larger Genocide Education Program run by DC-Cam, in collaboration with the Cambodian Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport.

Your donation will help promote:

  • reconciliation, forgiveness, and tolerance
  • memorialize the tragedy of Democratic Kampuchea
  • post-conflict genocide education and genocide prevention
  • moral and collective reparation for the Civil Party victims as part of the healing process
  • acknowledgement and genocide awareness in Cham Muslim communities and other minorities in Cambodia

To donate to this DC-Cam’s Genocide Education Memorial Project, please go to this page on Indiegogo.

Also, watch this video: Raising Fund for Memorial Project

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