Tekhin 2016: a free tech event hosted by teachers, for teachers

It’s 2016. Tekhin is happening again! The Phnom Penh’s technology integration conference for teachers will be held on Oct 22nd at ISPP.

Tekhin is a free technology conference hosted by teachers, for teachers. The conference is organized by a group of technology leaders in five Phnom Penh schools (ISPP, Liger, Logos, iCan, and NISC), and brings teachers together to share and develop ideas for using technology to transform education.

This year the theme of the conference is Finding the technology equilibrium: technology for creativity and innovation. Sessions will be offered on a diverse range of technologies from block printing to 3D game design. Visit our website to view details and sign up! We look forward to learning with you!

To learn more about Tekhin and register: http://tekhx.com/index.html

Raspberry Pi 3

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