In Cambodia, everyday isn’t just an ordinary day

In Cambodia, people love Christmas, Chinese New Year, Khmer New Year, Valentine’s Day, birthday party, and wedding receptions.

… And you can’t stop them.
Cambodians celebrate a lot of events, not just Christmas. Starting in February, Cambodian-Chinese people have their Chinese New Year. Phnom Penh teenagers enjoy their Valentine’s Day. In heated April, Khmer people enjoy Khmer New Year. Late December comes Christmas. What to blame? All commercialized things? Probably. Globalization? Maybe. Whatever the reason is: Cambodian people are quite self-indulgent. In 2015, The AsiaLife Magazine wrote that “Christmas in Cambodia promises no silent night, and there may be no crazy Uncle Lewis present, but it can still be a traditional, quaint holiday just the same, with a charming tinge of Khmer. With the wonders of technology, even fireplaces replete with crackling noises can be recreated on iPads, and snow globes can be purchased at any local souvenir shop –with flakes appropriately falling around the country’s icon, Angkor Wat.”

Like never before, Cambodians also celebrate birthday party. Wedding receptions or parties are big things here. People are very much willing to spend on these important occasions. Why not?

Holidays in Cambodia
This Southeast Asian nation has nearly one month to observe its national public holidays.

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