A guide to living in Cambodia like a Cambodian

If you’re looking to get or gain a whole new experience of living in Cambodia like a local, this is a guide for you. This guide was written by your local insider. You’ll get new insights as well practical tips and advice to live the life like Cambodian people here. First of all, you may ask why would anyone want to experience this local lifestyle. Well, it’s really easy to visit Cambodia as a tourist, or traveler, or expat. However, it’s a rare, unique experience to feel and breathe this lovely country and city like Phnom Penh as any local here. By being a local here, it means that you eat, sleep, and enjoy the way of living like the majority of Cambodians. Not only that you learn about culture and traditions, but you do really feel and experience them. So are you ready to start? You won’t regret for a second after all.

Eat Khmer food: insects and bugs

While Amok is much better known as something called authentic Khmer food, there are some more dishes you should know. I’m not just talking about Brohok.

Get to know and listen to Khmer music

There is no better way than getting into Cambodian culture through Khmer music, which is part of Cambodian daily life.