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7 reasons why Facebook is sexy in Cambodia

Why’s everybody in Cambodia talking all things Facebook? These 7 reasons explain:


a digital window for the government to see citizens’ happiness and anxiety.


a site where you can view a lot of photos, old and new, shared by people of every walk of life. From the country’s top leaders to the Tuk Tuk drivers.


the # 1 source of invaluable information, news without fear & favor, opinions, critical commentaries, rumors, and leaks. In texts, pictures, and videos.


a primary source for media outlets to report day in day out. According to this Facebook Page of Mr/Mrs. X, ….


a favorite digital advertisement platform, where anyone, government officials, big and small business owners, and even less known individuals spend their money to have their brand known and voices heard.


a new whole way to watch live video from political leaders from wherever they are, aspiring singers performing in their bedroom, and upset farmers ranting about their loss due to drought.


a new arch rival to TV. Breaking news, official announcements, speeches, and leaks first seen on this social networking site before TV.

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