Sustainable tourism in Cambodia: Kinyei wins award!

Kinyei, the association that operates Soksabike Tours and Kinyei Cafe has been named the winner of the Most Inspiring Responsible Tourism Initiative category in the 2015 Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Awards.

Kinyei, which recently celebrated its fifth birthday, is an initiative aimed at creating sustainable social change through youth focused social enterprises. Soksabike Tours and Kinyei Cafe, Kinyei’s key enterprises, are sibling businesses in Battambang, Cambodia with the aim of providing meaningful training in hospitality and responsible tourism practices. Also among the finalists in the Most Inspiring category are EXO Foundation Cambodia and CBT Vietnam, two commendable responsible tourism initiatives.

“Our recognition by Wild Asia symbolizes the admirable efforts of all of our collaborators and supporters over the years to whom we owe a great deal of gratitude. So we accept this award in India on their behalf, as well. We’re doubly excited to receive the award because local managers have been operating the projects for 2.5 years now, and this is a testimony to their tremendous work.”

Soksabike Manager, Yurie Nagashima, will be accepting the award on behalf of Kinyei this week in Bangalore, where she will showcase Kinyei’s mission, and Battambang’s unique potential on a world stage. Yurie will be giving an acceptance speech, and has also been asked to speak alongside Amy McLoughlin of Wild Asia on Social Innovation in Responsible Tourism.