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A new way to experience Japanese cinema

a new streaming program aimed at overseas audiences

JFF + INDEPENDENT CINEMA: A New Way to Experience Japanese Cinema

The Japan Foundation (JF) is excited to announce the launch of JFF + INDEPENDENT CINEMA, a new streaming program aimed at overseas audiences. JFF + INDEPENDENT CINEMA features a selection of Japanese films that have been selected by the managers of six independent theaters (“mini-theater”) throughout Japan. These theaters have played a vital role in nurturing the diversity of Japanese cinema over the years, and JFF + INDEPENDENT CINEMA is a great opportunity to discover some of the best independent Japanese films that are currently being made.

In addition to streaming the films online for free, JFF + INDEPENDENT CINEMA also provides columns and interview videos with programmers, directors, and actors. These interviews provide insights into the films and the filmmakers, and they help to give viewers a deeper understanding of Japanese cinema.

JFF + INDEPENDENT CINEMA is a great way to experience the diversity and creativity of Japanese cinema. The films are all available to stream online for free, and the interviews provide valuable insights into the films and the filmmakers. If you’re interested in Japanese cinema, then JFF + INDEPENDENT CINEMA is a must-watch.

**Here are some of the films that are currently available on JFF + INDEPENDENT CINEMA:**

* **Asako I & II** (2018) - A young woman falls in love with a man who looks exactly like her ex-boyfriend. * **Shoplifters** (2018) - A poor family of thieves find themselves in the spotlight when they are suspected of a crime they didn’t commit. * **Drive My Car** (2021) - A widowed actor travels to Hiroshima to direct a production of Uncle Vanya. * **Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy** (2021) - Three stories about love, loss, and chance encounters. * **The House of Tomorrow** (2022) - A young woman who lives in a house that is designed to move through time must decide whether to stay in the past or move on to the future.