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If you’re moving or traveling to Cambodia, this is a comprehensive list of websites, blogs, and news media sources about Cambodia. These websites offer practical travel tips, destinations, restaurants, and ways to experience the Cambodian culture. I’ve spent many hours to keep this list up to date. I hope this list is useful for those who look for some of the best websites about Cambodia, culture, travel, and personal experience living in the country.

Blogs about Cambodia

Tharum’s blog

Banyan Blog

A very good read blog by Mitty Steele, Cambodian-American writer. She has conducted a series of interviews with young Cambodian leaders.

A Dose of Cath


Rusty Compass

Blog Tales from the road of Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos. This blog is more than just about Cambodia. It’s a blend of a blog and a travel guide.

Blue Lady Blog

A lifestyle blog by a Cambodian blogger Kounila Keo

Hands on Journeys

Share our journey through stories and travel tips



Lost in Cambodia!

Websites about Phnom Penh

When In Phnom Penh
Do as Cambodians do! This is a really niche site founded by a friend mine (and I’m a partner of this site). When you’re in Phnom Penh, you may want to know the best places to eat, stay, and enjoy your time. This site offers reviews of restaurants, hotels, and best places to travel.

What’s On Phnom Penh

Your Phnom Penh
Best source about nightlife, dining and culture in Phnom Penh

Cambodia travel websites

Mouth of the Mekong​ ​


in Japanese language

Canby Publications

One of the oldest online travel guide dedicated to Cambodia.

Asia Travel Note

In Japanese language

Wanderlust Storytellers


In French language



Nomadic Notes

Bosba Panh

Sihanoukville Cambodia Journal

Sketch Travel

Tourism Cambodia

Vacation Travel Cambodia

News and media: Cambodia

The Cambodia Daily

One of Cambodia’s oldest newspapers

The Phnom Penh Post

Khmer Times

Southeast Asia Globe magazine

The Mekong Review

Books about Cambodia

Cambodia job websites

These are 5 websites that will help you learn more about Cambodia. They’re online forum, blog platforms, and social networking sites with specific focus on all things Cambodia.

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