Aeon Mall: Phnom Penh’s Most Popular Shopping Center

There are currently two Aeon malls in Phnom Penh. The first mall opened its door a throng of Phnom Penh residents in 2016. The second mall (opened in 2018), larger than the first one, is located on the outskirt of the city in Sen Sok District. With the growing number of shopping malls, Phnom Penh is becoming a mini Bangkok.

The first mall: AEON MALL Phnom Penh (on Samdach Sothearos Boulevard; view map)
The second mall: AEON MALL Sen Sok City (view map)
The third mall: AEON MALL (inside ING CITY, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia)


12 Reasons Why Aeon Malls So Popular in Phnom Penh City?

1. The largest malls in the heart of Phnom Penh

With the Japanese investors behind the $200-million Aeon, it’s now Cambodia’s largest shopping mall in the heart of Phnom Penh. It’s the probably world class mall the city has.

You can find Major Cineplex, the biggest cinema complex that’s equipped with VIP screen and 4DX cinema. Coffee shops like Brown Coffee and Starbucks have to serve their customers in these crowded malls.

Big parking lots.

2. Big Brands

It’s the first mall where you can only find genuine brand-name products. Of course, there is a US$2 store that has all things Chinese made products in a shop called Daiso. Most top international brands are on show in the malls.

3. The Taste of Capitalism

It’s where Cambodians can experience and feel the taste of capitalism.

4. Escape from the Heat of Phnom Penh

You can escape from the heat and dust of Phnom Penh by roaming or sitting in a fully air conditioned mall. So Aeon is more or less one of the most comfortable places for window shoppers.

5. Learn How to Queue

Khmer people from across Cambodia can start learning how to wait in line to test the most convenient rest rooms, designed for women, men, and even toddlers. This is probably like when the Sorya Mall was first opened to Cambodian customers. The lift and elevator were the most attractive things people want to touch.

6. Spacious and High Class

Most visitors are impressed by the decorations and design. High class.

7. A Record of 100,000 Visitors a Day

With an average of 100,000 visitors a day since it opened, it outnumbers the total number of visitors at both Sorya and Sovanna shopping malls combined. Sorya and Sovanna malls are considered luxurious malls by Cambodian standard, too.

8. No Bargain

Shoppers don’t need to use their bargaining skill at all. What you see is the last price. While bargaining is common among shoppers in a city like Phnom Penh, the rule in Aeon is simple. Price tag is there. How do you bother to bargain. The rental fee in the mall isn’t cheap. The stall owners have to share their profit with the mall operator.

9. Full Parking Lots

Despite the four-story mall sits on 100,000 sq m off can house 1,400 cars and 1,600 motorbikes, it doesn’t always welcome visitors in luxury vehicles. You can find the sign of ‘No Parking & Come back later’ space surrounding the mall area.

10. The Malls for Young Phnom Penh Residents

As the mega-mall targets the 20 to 30-year-olds, it targets Cambodia’s largest populations.

11. Cambodians Shoppers Love All Things New

It’s new. And new is always better. Cambodian people love everything new. New mall. Good!

12. Aeon Microfinance to Help Your Shopping Spree

It doesn’t matter whether your pocket is empty, Aeon Microfinance is there to provide the best customer service in term of personal loan.

Good To Know

  • Book Stores: In addition to Monument Book Store, there is a new Japanese bookshop chain is located inside the second Aeon Mall.
  • Some international stores: Swatch, Starbucks, Timberland, TWG TEA, Air Asia Sale Center, Swensen’s, Costa Coffee, Levi’s, Adidas, Giordano…

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