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Back to the drama of Diamond Island

Real estate investment for urban projects in Phnom Penh

This article aims to reconsider the death following a stampede that took place November 22, 2010, over 350 people on the deck of a large private urban project currently under construction in Phnom Penh. It will be for us, from this landmark drama, to highlight some of the contemporary dynamics of urban construction in the Cambodian capital. Through the grand project of the Island of Diamonds, we want to examine the role of major property developers in the manufacture of the capital. To do this, we will discuss the internationalization of construction methods in Southeast Asia and Cambodia, which is characterized by a withdrawal of urban planning and a proliferation of private urban projects. The example of the Island of Diamonds we will illustrate some major trends of urbanization in Phnom Penh. We show how the evolution of discourse on the modern city generates antagonisms within the current urban policy, and will question the ability of big real estate investors to make sustainable urban spaces.

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