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BALGASS concert

The Gypsie Jazz band BALGASS is composed of Déborah de Blasi, singer and author, Seb Adnot bass, double bass & guitar player and Laurent, bass player coming from France for this exceptional gig in Phnom Penh.
Those friends met in Nice (France) with a common passion; Gypsy Jazz!

Deborah started playing and learnt the genre with Gypsy people when she was 17 years old. She realized that this kind of music is the only French jazz that shines brightly around the world, thanks to Django Reinhardt and many more wonderful artists.

Seb Adnot, fell in love with this kind of music straight away after playing with Gypsies as well. He has more than 15 years of experience touring and recording with well-known musicians like Paul Jeffrey (Monk) from that USA and many more.
The band performed around the world for 4 years and is working on recording an album in December in France.

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