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Why Khmer people love Dr. Beat Richner

The latest news this week that Dr. Beat Richner of Kanthea Bopha hospital is “seriously ill” sends a shock wave to many Cambodian people. Why a lot of Khmer people respect and love this Dr. Beat Richner? There is a growing number of reviews on his Facebook Page. More than one thousand people have rated 5 stars for the 70-year-old Swiss doctor. These are some of the reasons you may or may not know:

  • If there is one hospital in Cambodia where poor Cambodians can rely on having their sick baby or small child treated, it’s this Kunthea Bopha hospital, founded and led by Dr. Beat Richner.
  • Beat Richner has made his mark in Cambodia since the early 1990s when he established his Kantha Bopha foundation.
  • His hospitals in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap have so far received more funding from various sources than any other hospitals here. The money come from the governmen (Cambodia and Swiss), individuals, and charity groups.
  • Nearly 20 million sick Cambodian children have been treated at his hospitals since 1992 until 2016, says the hospital website.
  • Beat Richner’s signature cello concerts also help raise money.
  • Most public hospitals are in Cambodia are not yet trusted and reliable due to lack of financial resources.
  • Private hospitals are not built for the majority of Khmer people, who cannot afford in health care and treatment.
  • Cambodian middle class families travel to Vietnam and Thailand for health check up and treatment.
  • Khmer riches can go to see the world’s best doctors in France, China, or Singapore.


Some selected expressions recently on Dr. Beat Richner’s Facebook Page:

“Great personality for Cambodia. My daughter was born healthy in the hospital he’s founded in Siem Reap. We’ve owed him this unbeatable compassion.”

“May God bless him and his family. Your love is big for all children in Cambodia. Thank very much.”

“Dear Dr. Beat Richner
You are the father of all children in Cambodia and you always do your best to protected children life, it was a great work that you have making for them. I believe they want to see you continue with this nice work and we are all wish you to get recover very soon and stay healthy.
Be strong HERO of Children in Cambodia!
We are Love YOU, Dr. BEST RICHNER >3
Best wish and Regard,”

“You are such a life saver of many Cambodian children and a hero of Cambodian people. Long life Doctor!”

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