The best app for art lovers and museum goers

Want to explore arts and culture?

There is a smarter way to do it now. With your iPhone!

Google has just launched its awesome app, Arts & Culture. With your smartphone or tablet, you can easily delve into artworks, artifacts and more from over 1000 museums, archives, and other organizations worldwide.

Some fantastic features include:

– Zoom in to view artworks in extraordinary detail
– Save your favorites, plus organize them into Collections for easy viewing and sharing
– Take 360 degree panoramic tours of hundreds of museums, heritage sites, and landmarks
– Learn about iconic artworks, plus discover hidden gems and the stories behind them in our daily features
– Explore artworks and more by color and by time period

In an official blog post published by Google last week, it says: “There’s much to learn about our shared cultural heritage. We’re sure you’ll want to see some of the artworks in real life too—and the Google Arts & Culture app is there to help.”

According to Wired magazine, “Google hopes these new features will help all museumgoers (virtual or otherwise) draw connections between the vast repository of artistic, cultural, and historic artifacts dispersed throughout the world’s museums.”

What if you can immerse yourself in cultural experiences across art, history and wonders of the world—from more than a thousand museums across 70 countries:
• Search for anything, from shoes to all things gold
• Scroll through art by time—see how Van Gogh’s works went from gloomy to vivid
• Browse by color and learn about Monet’s 50 shades of gray
• Find a new fascinating story to discover every day—today, it’s nine powerful men in heels

Download the app now!

So you now you can download the app for iOS (for iPhone and iPad users) and Android (Google Play) to unlock a world of experiences, every day.

Watch these videos to learn more:

Meet Google Arts & Culture

Where Arts & Culture meet Tech.

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