The Best Websites About All Things Cambodia

If you’re planning your first trip ever to the Kingdom of Cambodia or looking into moving to live in a city like Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, or Kampot, this is a list of the best travel websites you should check out. These selected websites or online resources because they offer readers good insights and practical experiences. Each time you want to get to know more about Cambodia, you may do some Google search queries to have your questions answered. We compile a good list of websites dedicated to all things Cambodia. These are 5 websites that will help you learn more about Cambodia. They’re an online forum, blogs, and social networking sites with a specific focus on all information about Cambodia.

Reddit Cambodia

Many of you are familiar with Reddit site, which is described as “the front page of the internet”. What about Reddit Cambodia, the front of the Cambodian internet? Reddit is actually much more “a social media, social news aggregation, web content rating and discussion website”.
The Cambodia section on the popular site Reddit is more or less an online forum where you can ask about almost anything. Interestingly, the logo in Khmer language says: Reddit Srok Khmer in Khmer. Some users asked about Khmer pronunciations, others shared news articles happened in Cambodia or asking about where to eat in Phnom Peh. For latest news, links, and events for expats, the Reddit Cambodia is the online forum you should visit often. Reddit Cambodia is an online community for expats in Cambodia or with great interest in this topic and country. Other Cambodian subreddits include Reddit Phnom Penh, Reddit Siem Reap, and Reddit Sihanoukville. These are all the most popular destinations foreign travelers love spending time when in Cambodia as well as where most expats work and live. At the time of writing this review, there are more than 2K members on this online forum. In addition, it’s

In addition to Reddit Cambodia, there are smaller sections like: Reddit Phnom Penh, Reddit Sihanoukville, Reddit learnkhmer (a community for Cambodian language learners).

Quora Cambodia

This is going to be one of the best websites to get the best answer to any question about Cambodia. The question-and-answer site is where “questions are asked, answered, edited and organized by its community of users”. Quora is a users-generated questions and answers site. Until recently, there are about 4K followers with more than one thousand questions asked. Quora is getting more and more useful for its well-organized topics. It’s a good alternative site to Wikipedia, although both sites are in two different categories. For Cambodia’s users, you can easily search for Cambodia-related topics and questions. Quora’s search functions work much better than Facebook. Actually, you can get a lot of questions answered on your Facebook profile. But it’s hard to search for old posts. Quora is blended between Google’s search for knowledge and Facebook’s circle. Here’s the link to Quora Cambodia you must check out!


Long form blog posts about Cambodia
If you love blogging and enjoy reading blogs, you must know about, an online site where you can read and interact with the stories that resonate to you. On Medium, you can find many fascinating stories about Cambodia. Much of the time, you’ll read without distraction. That’s one of the most amazing things about Medium, whose co-founder built blogging platform Blogger and Twitter. In addition to reading stories from and about Cambodia, you can also check out those who write on Medium with a particular topic.

Google+ Cambodia

Is Google+ dead? Not really. The Google’s interest-based social network website isn’t a big thing as Facebook here in Cambodia. But the social site still has some good number of Collections as well as Communities, where you can follow to get some local insights from Cambodian citizens. The Communities section on Google+ is very similar to Facebook Groups. And the Google+’s Communities is still growing considerably. It’s less crowded than Facebook.

LinkedIn Group for Cambodia

If you’re looking for professional contacts to leverage for your work or business, there is a good place for that. At the time of writing this blog post, there are nearly 400 groups on LinkedIn that are all about Cambodia. The group with more LinkedIn members than others is Cambodia Professionals, with almost 10K members. Other groups you might be interested in are: Invest in Cambodia and Career Forum in Cambodia. Acquired by Microsoft recently, LinkedIn is getting better. One thing for sure is it’s less crowded than Facebook, so some good posts on LinkedIn tends to get better listened (probably shared among interested users, too).

Wikitravel Cambodia

is a completely free travel guide to Cambodia. It’s alright if you have ever or never owned a copy of the Lonely Planet. The Wikitravel could your free travel guide. The reason the Wikitravel is listed here because it’s one of the most useful and resourceful websites among travelers. The Wiki site with a focus on travel website gives the basic information you need to plan your travel ahead. How to get into or out of Cambodia, for example, is also useful and up to date.