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BlowUp PROJECTr @ Angkor

(1-9 Dec 2012, Siem Reap, Cambodia) in association with the Angkor Photo Festival is proud to present the PROJECTr! A project with a projector…

PROJECTr is an attempt at taking photographs and photo-projects to the streets on wheels!
We have teamed up with our favorite Angkor Photo Festival this year again to reach out to the residents of Siem Reap, Cambodia through a simple portable projector and few square feet of white cloth. We hope that it turns out just as exciting as a BlowUp, and this time there are no walls.

A small crew will cycle around with your work to various parts of the town and surrounding villages who call the great angkor temples their home. Projections can happen anywhere there are a few people and some shade.

PROJECTr encourages people to send in more multimedia based work since we are going to have sound as well.
Regular submissions are invited as well, and projects might either be screened or displayed (as prints and postcards)

Submission guidelines

>>The theme is open, and we are looking for photo projects that can open a window to all kinds of different worlds – from the beautiful and the strange, to the colourful and the quiet — we want it all!
Send them a postcard from your vacation, with a message. And if you are incorporating sound in your essays, two thumbs up to you!


If *multimedia*, make sure it is 1280 px on the longer side, doesn’t exceed 3 min in duration and should be compressed with ‘photo jpeg’ codec in a .mov container. (Optional: You may also record a video message accompanying the project for the audience, in the same format.)

If you are sending *photographs*, send us a max of 20, keeping the longer side to 2000 px. Rename them as Photographer_ProjectName_Number and send them as one zipped file. In case you prefer a specific format of display please mention that as well.

>>Send all the projects to

>>We also need a 300 word write-up of the project and a 100 word brief about you.

>>Deadline: 25th November 2012

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