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Body of Work Fashion: portraiture by Alan James Flux

17 March – 31 April, 2016
Java Café Independence Monument
Exhibition opening 6:30pm Thursday, 17 March, 2016
Free entrance
When talking about photographing models, Flux calls it “portraiture with a fashion bias.” The models are not selected because they make the clothes look good, but instead they made an impression on the well-established designer. The resulting images are as much about the individual as it is about the cut of the fabric.

None of the models in Flux’s work are professional – instead he encounters them when they are engaged in everyday activities. He recently commented on the process of discovering models: “I embrace the many facial and body types, skin tones, tattoos, intentional scarring, and natural blemishes found here in Cambodia that, for me, comprise an interesting image.”

This exhibition will bring together a selection of images and sketches that characterize the artistic intent behind the works and how they challenge the aesthetic traditions of the fashion industry.
Flux was born and grew up on a small island off the South coast of England; and eventually Mastered in Fashion Design at London’s Royal College of Art, before embarking on a career in fashion and interior design, and costume work for films and television. Along the way, Flux has worked in his native Britain, and Europe, but increasingly, more recently, in Asia.

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