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Brush lettering for beginners

Contemporary brush lettering is great fun, expressive and very on trend! Whether you’re a type lover or you just want to learn a new creative skill, our Brush Lettering for Beginners workshop is the perfect thing.

Our co-founder, Syahrulfikri, an artist from Kuala Lumpur will show you how to master lettering with brush and ink and help you to apply the art form to your chosen phrase.

First you’ll be taught on basic typography terminology and type anatomy. Next, we’ll start on basic exercises, working up to letter forms. By the end of the class you’ll put it all together to write phrases with your own lettering style. Brush Lettering takes lots of practice to make perfect but its great fun and very rewarding!

• Price is $30 per person (Maximum 6 person per session).
• 30% discount to Cambodian under 21 year-old.
• Includes notes and a kit of essential materials for you to keep.
• Saturday, 23 January from 2pm-4pm. (2hrs)
• With refreshment.

PLEASE NOTE: You’re required to pay 50% deposit before the actual workshop day. Payment is by cash only and non-refundable.

For booking call: 017 891 772
For more info:

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