Budapest Coffee Workshop in Tuol Kork

The newest coffee shop is a great addition to Tuol Kouk. It’s just a few walks from Joma Cafe and Java Cafe. Small, not too crowded, it feels like sitting in an European coffee shop.

Tuol Kouk district is becoming an ideal place to live despite its distance from the riverside and Beung Keng Kang 1. Some great coffee outlets you can think of: Brown TK, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Java Cafe, and Joma Cafe. Until recently, this Budapest Coffee Workshop.

What sets the Budapest Coffee and Workshop from other coffee outlets is its in store ambience and decorations.

It’s also a nice place for freelancers and consultants to get their work done.

St.337 , #16D , Phnom Penh , Cambodia. Toul Kork 12156.

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