How to Buy from Online Stores and Ship to Cambodia

The world is flat. This is a guide to buying products from, Ebay, Aliexpress and other online shops and ship them to Cambodia. These days, you can buy many products from abroad and have them delivered to you. Initially, you may think that all those major online shopping sites don’t ship their stuff to Cambodia. This is a wrong assumption. Secondly, you may think that Cambodia’s Post Office is terrible. This is no longer true. The Internet and the so-called e-commerce have opened the endless the possibility for businesses in countries like the United States of America, China (+ Hong Kong), Singapore, South Korea, or some European countries to sell their electronics products, books, clothes, and everything between to a developing country like Cambodia. This guide is based on my experience of ordering items (big and small size) to Phnom Penh from various online shopping stores like, Ebay, Aliexpress and more since 2012.

How to buy products from online stores and ship them to Phnom Penh

  • A recipient address in Phnom Penh

Having a home address in Phnom Penh makes it easier. You also need to give your telephone number, so that the Phnom Penh Post Office can easily contact you when your package or parcel reach its destination.

  • A Visa card (better connect it to Paypal for a more secure payment)

As you have to pay for the products you buy, you need a valid Visa card. You can obtain one from one of the banks in Phnom Penh. Cathay United Bank offers a debit card (Visa) you can quickly use. It’s also easy to use it with a Paypal account.

  • A shopping list. You want to buy a book or a gadget?

Buying products from and getting them delivered to you in Cambodia

Amazon is earth’s largest product store you can buy almost anything. Although most of the products could be shipped from the USA, not every product on could be shipped to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, just yet. With AmazonGlobal program, international shipping for order from Amazon is possible and easy. There is also a requirement for Import Deposit Fee, which helps you not worry about dealing with the DHL deliveryman for any custom issue. According to, “for AmazonGlobal items, you won’t be charged additional fees if the actual Import Fees exceed the Import Fees Deposit we estimated.”

eBay also offers a similar program for international sellers to make it easier for a buyer like you.

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