Buying a Japanese-used motorbike in Phnom Penh

If you’re a fan of Honda Super Cub, chance is that you can easily get a good, reliable one in Phnom Penh. There are just so many wholesalers and shops in the heart of the Cambodian capital city. In Phnom Penh, when talking about motorcycles, we must think of the Khlaing Rumsev, which is home to many Japanese motorcycle depots and has been famous for decades.

In the meantime, I would like to mention Japan motorcycle warehouses/shops you should check out before go there in person:

ម៉ូតូឃ្លាំងពីជប៉ុន (Motorcycles from Japan)

One of the great thing is about this place is you can find so classic, old models of Honda Super Cub. Its location is just opposite to Phnom Penh Sport Club.

Sakura Motor Shop

Immediately after the container arrives, Sakura Motor Shop broadcasts live motorcycles imported from Japan on its Facebook page. Viewers can ask about motorcycles and prices before going to see for themselves. In addition, Sakura Motor Shop (Sakura Enterprise) also accepts orders for motorcycles from Japan according to customer needs by simply visiting the website:

Arigato Cambodia

Located in Sensok district, this warehouse for importing and distributing motorcycles from Japan. This warehouse always broadcasts live every time a motorcycle is dropped from a container.

Lee Auto
Located near the entrance of CamKo city, Lee Auto warehouse collects motorcycles from Japan. So if you want a good used motorcycle from Japan you can consider Lee Auto. You should follow the Facebook page for information about motorcycles that have just entered the warehouse.

If getting a great quality motorbike if your key consideration, then you should take a look at this shop. The price is a bit a higher than others, but you will get what you pay for.

Japanese Motorbikes CKH
Buy motorcycles in Japan and sell directly in Cambodia
Always show pictures of motorcycles in Japan that will be imported. So you can book in advance before your favorite motorcycle arrives in Cambodia.

FUJIMA Corporation
The latter should not be overlooked because FUJIMA Corporation is rich in motorcycles imported from Japan, especially Honda Today and PCX Japan.

Price guide:
Most of the 50cc Super Cub motorbike prices are starting $500 up (based on the condition). Usually, it depends on the conditions of each bike.

Tips & tricks

Before visiting a motorcycle shop, you should check its presence online. Most shops have their Facebook Page with latest photos and live videos. You can take this time to compare price before going there to see your wanted motorbike and negotiate.

If you have a friend with in-depth knowledge of second-hand motorbike, you have great advantage to select the best of the best. These mentioned shops are reputable in Cambodia. You can expect to get the most genuine spare parts of the motorcycle you’re buying.

Getting one of the used Japanese motorbikes from a Phnom Penh shop, you’re entitled to get a tax paper. This official document is for making the plate number for its legality on the road.

A Honda Super Cub motorbike is very affordable for most Phnom Penhers. It’s easy and low cost to maintain. There are many spare parts available for replacement. After years of use, you can also sell it without losing much as other new, expensive bikes.

Why I recommend a Super Cub instead of others? I’ve owned all used Honda Cub imported from Japan. It’s easy to trust this world’s great brand name from the Japanese maker. I like the older editions, those made in the 1960s and 70s.

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