Cambodia Blogs: Khmers and Expats

Bloggers of CambodiaThis is a list of blogs about Cambodia by Khmer, expat, and travel bloggers. One of the best ways to get and gain local insights about a country like Cambodia is through the local blogs by Cambodia’s bloggers. After spending a good amount of time to research, we found a number of interesting trends in the Cambodian blogosphere, which include: Cambodia travel blog, Phnom Penh travel blog, Cambodian food blog, Khmer blogger, Cambodian influencers, and top bloggers in Cambodia. Cambopedia is proud to share this list with the world.

The Best Cambodia Blogs You Should Read

A List of Cambodia Blogs by Khmer Bloggers

Cambodia Blogs by Expats

Khmer Language Blogs

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Cambopedia’s Cambodia Blog List

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Good to Know

Blogs and blogging have been popular in a country like Cambodia since the early 2010s, when a small handful of young Cambodians took on the the Internet and set the stage and trend. It was the generation before the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It was when social, personal, and perhaps political conversations took place without so much restrictions and self-censorship.

These are not necessarily the most popular blogs of Cambodia. The best way to get to an in-depth understanding of Cambodia is through the local lenses. Cambodian blogs are essential for most travelers and tourists.