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Cambodia for Sale

Phnom Penh evictions in the international mainstream media

The Channel 4 documentary “Cambodia is Selling the Killing Fields” (2009, 30mins) reveals how 30 years on from the fall of the Khmer Rouge, and at the same time as Pol Pot’s accomplices are being put on trial for war crimes, Cambodia’s people are once again being brutally driven from their land. This time, however, it is capitalism, not communism, that is displacing them.

In “CAMBODIA FOR SALE” (2009, 57mins) German filmmaker Nana Yuriko tells the powerful story of Cambodian communities that struggle against forced evictions and the human rights activists working to support them. Join us for Q&A with NGO reps and communities members affected by eviction.

When: Tuesday Oct. 12, 19:00
Where: New Meta House, #37 Sothearos Blvd. opposite of Buildbright / Phnom Penh centre

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