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Cambodia’s Best Job Websites You Should Know

Are you looking for a job in Cambodia? Here’s a list of top best websites that you can browse and get latest job announcements. In addition to dedicated job websites, there are also newspapers that run job advertisements. These job websites advertise hiring commissioned by the employers looking for Cambodian nationals and expats.

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1. Khmer Online Jobs

The user interface of this online job site is very simple. You can easily browse the job categories (listed alphabetically) easily. This Cambodian job site is relative new, but has a very comprehensive listing.


Seize the opportunity
This online job site has been around for about half a decade. It’s getting easier to browse over the years. In Khmer language, Pelprek means ‘Morning’. This may means that every morning you get new job updates on Like other Cambodian job sites, is also a recruitment agency. So you can either go to the website to find new job announcements or post your CV (Curriculum Vitae) or Resume. Visit:

3. Bong Thom dot com

Since the early 2010s, Cambodian people have been familiar with It’s probably the first Cambodia’s job website to find new job announcements, paid by employers to hire their best candidates and talents. The Bong Thom dot com ( is a pretty much a simple Internet site for jobs, classifieds and other services for Cambodia. You know what? Bong Thom literally means Big Brother. So if you need information about getting a good job, visit this Big Brother. Visit:

4. The Phnom Penh Post

Both of Cambodia’s English-language newspapers also have a lot to offer when it comes to job announcements. These two media outlets have their dedicated section for jobs in Cambodia, especially Phnom Penh. The Phnom Penh Post’s job listing page is here:

5. CamHR

CamHR helps companies and organizations to hire new talents in Cambodia. CamHR’s online listing has a few thousand jobs available.


Also a human resource consultant company, the Phnompenhjob website has a good listing of latest job openings for locals and expats.

7. Job Cambodia

Difficult to find a new job when in Cambodia? This website allows you to post your CV or resume. Job Cambodia website also connects employers with potential employees.

8. Jobs in Cambodia

Focused on expats and travelers looking for a work in Cambodia,’s Cambodia job section is one of the best job websites. Teaching jobs in Phnom Penh of Cambodia is very popular.

Good to Know

If you’re a native English teacher and interested in landing a job in Cambodia, you should check out some of the top international English schools‘ website for the opening vacancies.

Facebook Pages and Groups: In Cambodia, the social networking site is as a popular as Craiglist for job announcement and listing. Therefore, you should not overlook those for job openings.

As startups have their unique way to hire talents, you may not find many on these major job sites.

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