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Cambodia launched its first space mission successfully

Cambodia from the outer space. Mission accomplished.

A Phnom Penh-based group of software developers began its trial of launching a Hellium-powered balloon into outer space, which was actually the first succesful mission. The space project, costs about one thousand US dollar, enables video/photo cameras to capture the earth of Cambodia from the above.

The spaceship was named ‘The Sun’ or ‘Preah Atith’ in Khmer language.

Here’s the view (edited video at about 5 minutes and a half) of Cambodia from the outer space

This YouTube video is courtesy of Eduardo Jezierski, a chief technical officer at InSTEDD, a Google Foundation-funded non-profit organization.

For more background info, please take a look at this slide presentation online at:
The presentation and partial setup took place at Panasatra University, where nearly one thousand of computer enthusiasts gathered in late September.

It has been a while that we’ve heard of a Cambodian Space Project, a music band started by a group of expatriates in Phnom Penh. Until this weekend, however, it’s a no longer is fantasy name.

To be updated: a podcast of the entire presentation made by Eduardo Jezierski before the space launch.

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    Cambodia launched its first space mission successfully

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