Cambodia's brilliant banker: Chea Serey

What excites young Cambodian intellectuals these days is inspiring news stories about individuals who do well.

In Asean Forum, MARISSA CARRUTHERS wrote “Composed, polite and well-presented – traits naturally expected from the head of Cambodia National Bank (CNB) – there is one crucial feature that sets Chea Serey apart from her peers, the fact she is a woman playing in what is traditionally a man’s world.”

Looking to the future, forward-thinking Chea realises the needs of the Kingdom’s young and increasingly tech-savvy population, and the importance in investing in them early.

“I’m very optimistic about Cambodia’s economy in the future,” she says with confidence. “We have a very bright young population who are very talented and creative. We have art in our genes and our roots, and we have this amazing ability to master several languages. People just need a bit more guidance to bring them to the next level to shine.”

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