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Cambodia: news alert

China and Thai-Cambodia Spat
The Diplomat
By Eddie Walsh The ongoing border dispute between Thailand and Cambodia
actually represents something of a strategic opportunity for China—can it
use its influence with the two nations to bolster its argument that it is
rising peacefully? …

China seeks to expand trade, investment ties with Cambodia
People’s Daily Online
China sees Cambodia as one of the potential trade and investment partners
among the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and pledges to
boost closer economic ties between the two countries, said a senior Chinese
official on Tuesday. …

Annual Forum at Ohio University Attracts Wider Audience
Voice of America
“Because there are only three Cambodians on campus, and no student
association, this forum can help open the eyes of international students
about Cambodia…” After three years, Ohio University’s Khmer Studies Forum
has evolved into a full-fledged …

Vietnam, Cambodia cooperate in dealing with AO issues
(VOV) – A delegation from the Vietnam Association of Agent Orange/Dioxin
Victims (VAVA) is on a working visit to Cambodia from May 23-25. The visit
aims to strengthen the two countries’ relationship and cooperation in
overcoming the bad consequences …

Spat at Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge tribunal
Radio Netherlands
Cambodia’s troubled tribunal has suffered further setbacks in recent weeks
as a series of public disputes pitted officials against one another. The
spats escalated quickly and dramatically with co-prosecutors issuing
opposing statements and …

Dengue Fever to play World Cafe Live
Once they added the saxophonist David Ralicke, drummer Paul Smith and
Williams, they went looking for a Cambodian singer. Enter Nimol, who
performed regularly for the King and Queen of Cambodia. Her powerful
singing, marked by a luminous vibrato, …

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