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  • The secrets of Khmer food

    The secrets of Khmer food

    Cambodian food is quite underestimated compared with Thai or Vietnamese food. And it it is way more than Beef Lok Lak and Fish Amok (although the latter is much better than its equivalent, the Thai Hor Mok). The variety of Samlors, Khmer soups, is nearly endless, and then there are grilled dishes and the exotic […]

  • Who is the best chef in Cambodia?

    Who is the best chef in Cambodia?

    Most celebrated chefs in Cambodia Chef Nak is Cambodia’s first female celebrity chef with the mission to preserve Cambodian cuisine & bring it to the world’s stage. In mid-January 2023, Chef Nak Culinary Center was officially opened with the aim of promoting the culinary arts of Cambodia to both locals and international visitors. As reported […]

  • Cambodian cookbooks

    Cambodian cookbooks

    These are some of the popular Cambodian Cooking Books available. There could be more, and some of the books may not be available in all countries. NHUM – Recipes from a Cambodian Kitchen is a cookbook that features traditional and authentic recipes from Cambodia. The book showcases the unique flavors and ingredients of Cambodian cuisine, […]

  • How to cook Khmer Amok

    Are you looking for simple recipe to cook your first Amok? This is one variation of the recipe and you can adjust the ingredients and the cooking methods to your preference. Amok is a popular Cambodian dish that is made with fish or chicken that is steamed in a banana leaf with a mixture of […]

  • Best Phnom Penh pizza

    Best Phnom Penh pizza

    Cambodian cuisine is heavily influenced by its neighboring countries, so you can find a lot of pizza places that offer a variety of options. Pizza places in Phnom Penh The Pizza Company The Pizza Company is a well-known pizza chain in Cambodia, with multiple locations in the country, primarily in the capital city of Phnom […]

  • Breakfast in Cambodia

    Breakfast in Cambodia

    What do Cambodian people eat for breakfast? Some typical breakfast options in Cambodia include congee, a rice porridge-like broth, as well as Chinese donuts and noodles. Accompaniments to the congee may include dried mudfish, Chinese sausages, tofu, salted duck eggs, or dried shrimp. Additionally, it is common to have coffee with condensed milk or tea […]