How to Get a Cambodian Passport

Getting a new Cambodian passport is easier now for Khmer nationals. As time goes by, the administration services have been improved significantly. New to the Phnom Penhers is that it’s very convenient to apply for a new passport, issued by the Ministry of Interior, inside the AEON mall 2 in Sen Sok district. This location of the passport office is more convenient than one near the Niroth Pagoda.

To obtain a normal passport, it takes only 2 weeks, down from one month-long. It’s stated on the wall that it’s only $100, not $130 or $140. Starting since 2014, the Cambodian government adopted the new biometric passport (valid for 10 years). The table below shows the price ranges for the types of passports, prices, and duration to obtain.

cambodian passport prices

If you had an old, expired passport, you have to visit the Passport Office in Niroth district. If you obtain a new passport, it’s easier to go Passport sub-office in Aeon Mall Sen Sok city.

Passport Office in Niroth district:

Passport sub-office in Aeon Mall Sen Sok city:


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