Cambodian poet Kho Tararith at Brown University

A fellow of The International Writers Project at Brown University, Kho Tararith “has been instrumental in the founding of PEN-Cambodia. Co-founder of the Nou Hach Literature Project and of an affiliated journal that published fiction, essays, and poetry sometimes critical of the Cambodian government, Tararith was subjected to threatening anonymous phone calls and e-mailed death threats which forced him to resign from the project in January 2010. With the aid of the IWP, he and his family were able to leave Cambodia and relocate to Providence last summer. He plans to work on poetry and short stories while in residence this year.”

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  1. Just a short clarification, “The Nou Hach Literary Journal” has never published anything critical of the Cambodian government; in fact, we take care to protect writers against such accusations.

    Teri Yamada, Co-founder, Nou Hach Literary Association (2002)

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