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Doctors, healers and patients in Cambodia

Healing in the clamor of history. Doctors, healers and patients in Cambodia, by Anne Y. Guillou

In this talk, I will present a research on the Cambodian medicine(s) which has been published as a book (in French) in 2009 (‘’Cambodia: Healing in the clamor of history. Physicians and society’’).

The first questions arose when I came in Cambodia in 1990 as a PHd student in medical anthropology. I then began my field research by staying in Cambodian hospitals all around the country and in the refugees’s camps.

There I observed the many misunderstandings between the Cambodian medical staff and the humanitarian Western (and Japanese) one, regarding the standards of the medical work, both in its technical and ethical aspects.

Where: Baitong Restaurant, #7 st 360, near Beung Keng Kang market (map)
When: Wednesday Aug. 4, 18:00

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