EXHIBITION: A Bend in the River

Currently on display upstairs at Java Café is a combination of photos and installation that illustrates the creative work behind in A Bend in the River, the creation of Sophiline Arts Ensemble. In the small room “Tonle/River 2,” part of stage design, is suspended from the ceiling in a fluid movement that attempts to mimic the flow of water. “Tonle/River 2” was created and designed by Kong Vollak with collaborators Chheng Kimhong, Prom Putvisal, Son Chanty & Uhorn Rachana, by weaving plastic tubing and string to look like a flowing river. In the adjacent rooms, documentary photos of the performance by Khvay Samnang illustrate the choreography, costumes and unique puppet created by renowned artist Pich Sopheap.

The exhibition will be on display through June 8th, 2014.


At Java Café you can get tickets for any of the three performances of A Bend in the River at Chaktamok Theater:

7pm, 13th June
7pm, 14th June
4pm, 15th June

The tickets are priced according to the section and seats can be selected at the performance (first come first serve):

$10/center section
$5/side sections
$2.50/side sections/students (must have ID)

Additionally there is a special offer of VIP tickets for the performance on the 14th of June. VIP tickets includes premier seats, front center of the theater, and a cocktail reception before the show at 6pm. VIP tickets are $30 each.

For information about tickets contact: info@javaarts.org

A Bend in the River: About the Work
Three of Cambodia’s most internationally renowned performing and visual artists join forces in order to add to their culture’s rich storytelling tradition with A Bend in the River, a new dance work that re­flects on the choices we make in the heat of passion.
Conceived and choreographed by Sophiline Cheam Shapiro for 15 dancers, seven musicians, a vocalist and a narrator, A Bend in the River is a contemporary telling of a Cambodian village tale of love, heartbreak, vengeance, consequence and redemption.

Choreography & Direction by Sophiline Cheam Shapiro
Music by Him Sophy
Puppets by Sopheap Pich
Scenic Design by Kong Vollak, Chheng Kimhong, Prom Putvisal, Son Chanty & Uhorn Rachana
Costume Design by San Vannary
Performed by Sophiline Arts Ensemble

Contact: John Shapiro, Executive Director
Tel: +855 23 425 780

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