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Exhibition opening: Sbaek Thom – shadow puppet

Sbaek Thom, (literally large leather) is the Royal form of Cambodian puppetry.

Also known as Nang Sbaek each puppet is a work of art in its own right created from an entire cow hide. With only a few exceptions each puppet depicts one or more characters posed within an ornate frame.

Unlike most other forms of puppetry Sbaek Thom puppets have no articulated limbs. Along with its Thai cousin, Nang Yai, this puppetry form is unique in its aesthetic and performance style.

Shadow Theater in Cambodia is one of the most traditional formats for storytelling. As with other kinds of Shadow Theater (Indonesia, China, India, Greece, Turkey etc.) the performance involves the projection of light or fire on a white screen, on which performers use puppets to produce shadows.

Where: Equinox, 3A Street 278, Phnom Penh
When: Friday Aug. 20, 20:00

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