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Forgotten, sometimes Hidden: Chea Phal's photography exhibition

Forgotten, sometimes Hidden
Chea Phal
6pm Monday, October 1

The Plantation Urban Hotel and Spa
No. 28 Street 184, Phnom Penh
+855(0) 23 215 151

Open everyday

Chea Phal is a young Cambodian for whom photography has become a tool to explore his passion for architecture, space and history of his surroundings. This collection focuses on twelve structures in Phnom Penh which he has explored during his regular walks. The exhibition is an opportunity to join Phal in contemplating Phnom Penh’s urban landscape, its past, present and future, through these unique structures. Phal helps us discover some of the capital’s hidden spaces and look at them in more detail throughout the changing light of the day. He takes us through Phnom Penh’s magic hour to glimpse other more obvious spaces, however, often overlooked, forgotten and all facing an uncertain future.

Exhibition curated and installed by On Photography Cambodia with additional support from The Plantation

Chea Phal is a photographer and one of the founding members and practitioners of Urbex (urban explorer) Cambodia, which examines normally unseen or off-limits parts of urban areas or industrial facilities.

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