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French backpacker and cyclist Arthur Angé is missing in East Asia

French national Arthur Angé is missing in East Asia. He’s a french Backpacker and cyclist – 30 years old, 6 feet tall, brown eyes, chestnut-red hair.

Research in BANGLADESH – MYANMAR – MALAYSIA, maybe also CAMBODIA, LAOS, Thailand, Vietnam.
Without news from Arthur Angé since 26th January, the last contact from DHAKA Bangladesh, he was planning to join a friend in Malaysia through Myanmar or by boat from Chittagong, but he didn’t arrive.

He started his travel 3 years ago from the south of France where he originated, for a complete world tour by land, walking, and biking, Arthur is a very discreet traveler. He is generous, always smiling and never asked anything. But today HE NEEDS OUR HELP.
Maybe he didn’t find any boat for Malaysia and he tried to cross the Myanmar illegally? We imagine he’s in jail or suffering somewhere… we don’t know where he is and local authorities are not very participating. Only our mobilization can highlight it’s case and help his family in their search.
He renewed his passport recently and we are waiting for the French ministry to give us his number.
We are deeply worried, can you help us, maybe Somebody met him?
Sharing massively, messages could reach somebody who met him recently and helps orientate the search.

If you have any info, please contact by mail his family: or phone: + 33 650 86 25 76 or French Foreign Affairs at 0033-1 53 59 11 00

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  1. Create different angles, pressure the governments to act and respond, start a petition, raise money for investigation or legal loops, get his picture out in that area or where he might have visited, maybe have someone create a page where travellers who were in those areas at the time could write about experiences and maybe you’ll find something, dont stop and make a way for the travel community to support and help him and you.

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