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Future of Phnom Penh

What will Phnom Penh look like in 2035? To answer this question, it’s important to base the answer on the Phnom Penh’s 2035 master plan. Despite the media coverage of its slow progress, let’s take a look where we’re heading to. How Phnom Penh will fare with other capital cities in Southeast Asia? Phnom Penh has been known as the Pearl of Asia or the even the Paris of East, Phnom Penh. By 2035, what Phnom Penh would be known?


Cambodia has Vann Molyvann as its legendary Cambodian architect. There is a website dedicated to Molyvann the architect and his work here. Probably Moyvann’s work has laid a great foundation for Phnom Penh for many decades to come. His work is not the product of an end in itself. Early this year, a young generation of Khmer architect was profiled in Channel News Asia’s series Asia’s Future Cities. The rising of the new Cambodian architect like Hun Chansan offers a new promising to what Cambodia deserves most.

You can watch what the young Cambodian architect Chansan had to say about the future of Phnom Penh:

He told Pichayada Promchertchoo of the Singaporean media outlet that “A city needs more than just housing, hotels and office buildings. A city needs to accommodate its people’s needs for public spaces, educational facilities and buildings that give them a sense of pride.”

With the right mindset, policy, and concrete direction, Phnom Penh will soon be known as the Paris of the East or the Pearl of Asia once again.

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