Have you used Phnom Penh city bus?

Ambassador Bill Longhurst: “it’s great to travel with so many Cambodian fellow passengers on the public bus. The route is convenient and the ticket price very reasonable. I encourage everyone to use public buses in Phnom Penh as this is vital to help reduce the worsening traffic congestion and the high number of road accidents. When I am living and working in London, I use our efficient bus system every day. Without the bus, and the huge numbers it transports, the city would grind to a halt. So I hope to see ‪#‎Cambodia‬’s city bus network grow and expand in the near future and that we will see the effects of it on easing the traffic.”

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    I wanted to find out about the city buses in Phnom Penh (3 routes, 1,500 riel rides) and when googling came across the British Ambassador promoting the use of city buses to prevent the build up of even worse traffic. But then there is absolutely no information whatsoever on that website about the bus, the routes, stops etc!!! There was however an advert for cheap flights to Bhutan. Congratulations to the British government for such fine communication. And how can I get info on the bus……?

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