Honeywell Air Cooler: a simple way to stay cool on a budget

Just like any other Southeast Asian nations, Cambodia’s climate is wet and dry. If you’ve been living in the country during April, you feel the heat even though you stay in door. The electricity in Phnom Penh is not as cheap as in Bangkok. So having air conditioner isn’t always an option. In this review, you’ll learn about a budget Air Cooler from an American company, Honeywell. For indoor use or even home & office, the Honeywell CL151 is an ideal choice for most people who want an affordable air cooler, which is better than a fan, but not in the category of an air conditioner.


Why you shoud buy a Honeywell CL151?
In Phnom Penh, you can easily get something cheaper like Akira or Midea, a Chinese electrical appliance manufacturer. The Honeywell CL151 is currently being sold at $180, while Midea is about $60 cheaper. The CL151 consumes low power, which means you can significantly save on your energy bills compared to using air conditioners. It’s an indoor portable evaporative air cooler, which cools up to 160 sq ft/ 15 sq.m. In addition to adding 15 liters of water, you can also load ice cubes on its top compartment. It’s super easy to use. Unbox your new Honewell air cooler, you add water and even ice cubes, plug it in the power cord, and use it to stay cool in your home office.
Portability means you can easily move it when you move your house or office. It’s a big hassle as having to get an air conditioner guy to come and help you move it. The Honeywell CL151 is weighted at about 10 kg. It has four durable caster wheels, so it’s not hard to roll the unit from room to room.

If you considering to have this air cooler, this one is suitable for the living room, bedroom, children’s playroom, study room, dining room, office, small showroom, hotel room, or even hospital room. To sum it up, the CL151 is ideal for hot dry climates, where the air humidity is low.

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