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How to find jobs in Cambodia online

To get a job in a foreign country like Cambodia, nothing beats your personal contacts. But in this post, cambopedia provides some useful links to find out more about Cambodian job markets. Online job websites give you a better way to access to employment information from most print newspapers. This means that you don’t have to grab a copy of The Cambodia Daily and The Phnom Penh Post from the newsstand everyday.

  • Jobs and Classified Ads in Cambodia – Bong Thom Dot Com
  • A long-time established website dedicated to job announcements. The site design isn’t as stylish as other new sites, but its frequent posting remains the core of the survival of this Big Brother, an English translation for Khmer Bong Thom.

  • SeekIdeal
  • Move your career forward. Be who you want to be.

  • Cambodia Jobs
  • Popular among locals, this blog-based site offers more than just job information.

  • Pelprek [currently unavailable]
  • Pelprek posts all the latest job announcements on its website.

  • Stands for Cambodia Human Resource. This site is quite new, but it’s seen in print newspaper advertisement section very often.

  1. I want to find job in phnom penh,i’m Studying Bachelor Degree on Information Technology in Preah Kossomak Polytechnic Institute(PPI), ican use and install software computer-Coding language (Programming): HTML, CSS, JS, Java C,C++,VB.NET and general computer.
    Phone:+85598417162 Email:

  2. Now i am a student who is studying in the secound year of major Rural Development at University of Battambang (UBB) and i am good at english now i am jobless and i need a job to do as an english teacher.

  3. Now i am a job vacancy, i want to looking for jobs as the field Trade Marketing Director, Commercial Manager, Executive Director, and General Manager, I have more than 15 years in trade marketing and top management level. pls contact me by this number +855 97 7 331 249, or email:

  4. Dear sir or madam
    I am writing in reference to your announcement and job description for agriculture and felt very interested. I would, therefore, like to apply for this position. I think my background and your requirements may be a good match. My resume is enclosed for your review.

    I am finished Bachelor of Science Agriculture. I would like be very appreciated if I could be of any part of your teams, so as to contribute to the success and the growth of your organization.

    If you are seeking an assistant who stays abreast of your field, who is technically informed, who earns major staff support, and who is committed to achieve total success, please consider what I have to offer. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss a position with you, and strongly hope to answer any questions you may have and to see if you need any other information from me.

    Thanks you for your time and kind consideration. I certainly look forward to rejoinder for the interview anytime.

    Yours sincerely
    An Chanthou

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