How to get to Phnom Penh from Dubai by flight

Last update: June 7, 2017
Here’s a list of a direct flight from Phnom Penh Yangon of Myanmar, Dubai, and Paris:
Phnom Penh to Yangon: $256
Phnom Penh to Dubai: $522
Phnom Penh to Paris: $670
You can search for the direct Emirate flights for the latest prices and promotions:

Taking a direct flight from Dubai to Phnom Penh? The cheapest round trip flight for Dubai and Phnom Penh is $654 through Thai Airways. The Dubai to Phnom Penh flight usually takes nearly 10 hours with a one-hour stop in Bangkok, Thailand. However, this flight ticket price will be much cheaper in the coming months.

Emirates Airlines

Starting July 1, 2017, the international airline based in Dubai will soon have a a Boeing 777-300ER aircraft via Yangon, the capital city of Myanmar. This daily services from Dubai to Phnom Penh will surely make the ticket price cheaper. It’s also interesting to note that Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport, the world’s largest international flight hub, is not part of this Dubai-Yangon-Phnom Penh route.

The Emirates Airlines announced the launch of the Dubai and Phnom Penh route early this year.

To find out the cheapest flight tickets for Dubai and Phnom Penh trip, you can quickly check out Google Flights.

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