Hun Manet in media spotlight

A couple of days after an interview with ABC’s Beverley O’Connor, Prime Minister Hun Sen’s eldest son Hun Manet has become a top news story in the Cambodian mainstream media.

In The Cambodia Daily: On Australian TV, Hun Manet Lauds Father’s 30-Year Reign

In Friday’s interview, Ms. O’Connor also pressed Lt. Gen. Manet about being “widely tipped” as Mr. Hun Sen’s successor.
“If the people want you, you’d be prime minister?” Ms. O’Connor asked, with Lt. Gen. Manet smiling silently. “Do I take that as a yes?” she asked.

“Not no, not yes. Not no, not yes,” he responded.

The Phnom Penh Post’s headline: PM’s son Hun Manet evasive about future

According to Virak, Manet’s interview would have been carefully planned and was likely intended to bolster both the prime minister’s standing among younger voters and Hun Manet’s profile, given the probability he will make a bid for power in the future.