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I Should Be So Lucky

a Live Installation & Dance-Theater Performance
Free tickets available at the CCF library, Meta House and Java Café & Gallery

Unclassifiable and iconoclastic, Samir Akika, a Franco-Algerian based in Germany, offers a personal choreography, mixing theater, dance and video. In residence for a month with his company Unusual Symptoms and sponsored by a cooperative project between France and Germany, he’s working with Cambodian classical and contemporary dancers as well as hip hop performers. Out of their real-life confrontation and improvisations done in common, a connecting thread emerges bit by bit, a story summarizing experiences and emotions. A subtle exchange into which everyone brings their own poetry and offers it to us.

Organised by the Centre CulturelFrançais in Cambodia, the Goethe-Institut and Meta House. In partnership with the French Embassy in Cambodia and the German Embassy in Cambodia.

When: 12 November at 19:00 – 13 November at 20:30
Where: Theatre Chenla

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