In Cambodia, why a camera is a must-have

  • Stray from touristy areas
  • Know when to bring a tripod or when to bring a string
  • Pack smart
  • Ask people to be part of your photos
  • Take photos for fun

How to take better travel photos when you’re in Cambodia

  • Plan to shoot during golden hour
  • Get closer
  • Think about what you want to capture
  • Pay attention to foregrounds in landscape shots
  • Look for graphics and patterns
  • Shoot portraits out of direct sunlight
  • Wait for a moment to appear
  • Change your perspective
  • Include people around landmarks for a sense of scale
  • Frame your subject
  • Read up on social norms before visiting another country

6 more tips:

  1. Experience life itself, first!
  2. Connect and make new friends as a person, not as a camera
  3. Shoot in “Themes”
  4. Travel light
  5. Keep it natural
  6. Don’t stop traveling
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