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iOne digital art contest

iOne Digital Art Contest
You don’t have to be lucky!
Winning is all about skill & creativity!
If you’re a student, register now and win big, big prizes!
Hurry contest closes on 30th September 2010.

1st Prize: Apple iMac MC413 ($1639) x 1 prize,
2nd Prize: Apple MacBook MC516 ($1059) x 1 prize,
3rd Prize: Apple iPod Touch 8GB ($199) x 3 prizes,
4th Prize: Apple iPod Shuffle 2GB ($59) x 5 prizes,
5th Consolation Prize: $20 Voucher x 10 prizes,
6th Consolation Prize: $10 Voucher x 10 prizes.

Art Contest Theme & Guidelines
· Contestant must submit entry form & an original artwork that incorporates the Apple logo with a signoff iOne logo that says “designed for iOne” that should be placed on the bottom-right of artwork. The Apple logo must be incorporated creatively into either an original illustration background or a copyright released photograph. All logos are available upon our Facebook: or

· Contestants can feature the logo in creative ways and don’t have to use the original format in terms of color or size as long as it is instantly recognizable as Apple logo.

· Contestants must also include as headline/title the phrase “It’s a MacWorld” into the artwork. It can be in any font or size. And below artwork with “Designed for iOne” as it will be available in Facebook: or

· The entry will be judged on two factors; creativity & skill level of computer-based image manipulation software.

How to enter the contest
· Contestants must come personally to any of the listed iOne outlets to register themselves by filling up the entry form.

· Qualified contestants will be given a participation code which they must include with their entry when they submit to any of the iOne outlets.

· The closing date for submission is 5 pm, 30th September 2010. All submissions of entry form after this dateline is automatically disqualified.

· Contestants must submit personally, to any of the participating outlets, their entry in the following format.;

o A4 envelop with their name and registration code written in the front containing:

– A4 color print of their artwork

– A jpeg file A3 size /300 dpi format burnt on a CD or DVD

· The judges will decide on the winning entry and winner list shall be published in Raksmey Kampuchea Daily & Koh Santepheap Daily newspapers in Cambodia on the 19th of October 2010. Prize Ceremony will be conducted on 22nd October 2010, 2:00PM @ iOne Canadia, Canadia Tower.

· Judges consist of panel from iOne Co., Ltd. and media representatives. Shortlisted entries will be published on or Facebook: and comments/feedback from fans/viewers of Facebook shall be taken into account in determining the winning entry.

Rules & Regulations
· Only students from high schools and universities in Cambodia are eligible to enter the contest. They can be from either public or private schools.

· Students must bring along a copy of their school Identity card when they register themselves.

· All entries that do not follow the basic entry requirements will be automatically disqualified.

· All submissions must be strictly original artwork created by the registered participants themselves. The judges reserve the right to request shortlisted candidates to prove originality and authenticity of their work through on the spot demonstration if they are selected. Shortlisted candidates who fail to reproduce/demonstrate their work as prove of authenticity will be automatically disqualified.

· Each contestant is only allowed to submit one entry only.

· Judges decision on the winners will be final and will not entertain any claims of submission or correspondence.

· By entering and submitting artwork for the contest; contestants automatically agree to allow iOne Co., Ltd. to use their artworks in any form, both printed and electronic in any reproduction and in any period of time.

· Contestants who submit artwork with copyright protected images will be automatically disqualified. Submissions, which depict politically or culturally sensitive messages, pornography, showing other commercial logos.

· Families & relatives of iOne’s staff are prohibited from participating in the contest.

Where: Prize Ceremony will be conducted on 22nd October 2010, 2:00PM @ iOne Canadia, Canadia Tower.
When: Sunday at 00:00 – 30 September 2010 at 17:00

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