Kdard La Tente: Kampot

Kampot is one of Cambodia’s most peaceful places to live a good life. One of Kampot’s main attractions is its relaxing riverside setting. It’s also one of the best places to visit whenever you feel like escaping Phnom Penh. Kdard La Tente is hidden place in Kampot, where you can really enjoy a wonderful view and good, fresh seafood. Most of the visitors who have been there could easily recognize Koh Tral from Kdard La Tente, which is run by young Cambodians.

How to get around Cambodia by Bus

Kdard La Tente of Kampot

It’s just a matter of time that Kampot’s Kdard La Tente would be on top of tourist destination among local, backpackers, expats, and foreign travelers.

Getting to Kampot from Phnom Penh by bus or mini bus:

  • 2 h 36 min (145.6 km) via 41 and NH 3

Buses leaving Phnom Penh for Kampot: Hua Lin, Capitol, Sorya, Paramount Angkor Express, Giant Ibis. Mini buses: Kampot Express and Vibol

From Sihanoukville (now called Kampong Som) to Kampot:
1 h 33 min (95.8 km) via National Highway 4 and National Hwy 3/NH 3
Buses: Stray Asia Bus and Giant Ibis

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Places to visit when in Kampot

Kampot is a province in the south of Cambodia. It’s about 148 km from Phnom Penh. Kampot is bordered on the north of Borseth district in Kampong Speu province, east of Tram Kok district and Kirivong district, South of Takeo province, adjoining the Gulf of West of Kampong Seila, Koh Kong and Preah Sihanouk provinces, as well as long coastline in the Gulf of Thailand to the south of Kampot. This sleepy town has many historical buildings, such as houses, shopping malls, theaters, hospitals, and so on. That’s probably one of the reasons that it got the interest of the French. There are also Bokor Mountain, which is also attracted to the attention of all national and international tourists.

Monivong Bokor National Park: 42km away from Kampot town to the west. At the top of the mountain there is a casino built during the French colonial period for them to play in all seasons. In addition, there is a pagoda called Wat Sampov 5, with a pattern of rocks in the shape of a ship. Five. Here you can also explore the natural scenery that can not be easily reached: the lush valley of the Blue Forest The secret has a little cloud cover. They can also view the view of Kampot town from the top of the 1,375 meter high. In addition to historical buildings, tourists can visit nature once again, three cold waterfalls and cloudy regions. A cool, dry, and rainy season.

Tek Chhou Resort: It is a natural resort located 8 kilometers from the provincial town of Kampot. Up to the provincial town of Kampot, a major source of fresh water to support the consumption of people around the provincial town. The beautiful waterfalls see the bottom flowing, sometimes flowing through the large rocky rocks that can be crossed. Crossing the water through a pivotal bridge hanging over waiting for tourists. In addition to bathing, vistors can also admire the landscape of the fruit trees and the people at the side of the falls, notably the famous poultry farms. Kampot province is not far from the zoo and the Teuk Chhou garden are letting the viewers go out of their way after being back. From the falls at the falls. They often go for a variety of different kinds of animals, including fresh fruits and vegetables, such as tuna, rambutan, and so on.

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