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KDAT La TENTE: Kampot's best place to stay

Kampot is one of Cambodia’s most peaceful places to live a good life. One of Kampot’s main attractions is its relaxing riverside setting. It’s also one of the best places to visit whenever you feel like escaping Phnom Penh. KDAT La TENTE is hidden place in Kampot, where you can really enjoy a wonderful view and good, fresh seafood. Most of the visitors who have been there could easily recognize Koh Tral from KDAT La TENTE, which is run by young Cambodians.

On YouTube, Travel to Cambodia channel has a nice video of KDAT La TENTE resort:

It’s just a matter of time that Kampot’s KDAT La TENTE would be on top of tourist destination among local, backpackers, expats, and foreign travelers.

Getting to Kampot from Phnom Penh by bus or mini bus:

  • 2 h 36 min (145.6 km) via 41 and NH 3

Buses leaving Phnom Penh for Kampot: Hua Lin, Capitol, Sorya, Paramount Angkor Express, Giant Ibis. Mini buses: Kampot Express and Vibol

From Sihanoukville (now called Kampong Som) to Kampot:
1 h 33 min (95.8 km) via National Highway 4 and National Hwy 3/NH 3
Buses: Stray Asia Bus and Giant Ibis

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