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Khmer communities on Facebook

Have you ever wondered what Cambodian Internet users are doing (or playing) on Facebook? Social networking site Facebook is amazingly huge. It’s possibly the second most popular internet site after Google for people in Cambodia. According to Social Bakers, “there are 723660 Facebook users in the Cambodia, which makes it #92 in the ranking of all Facebook statistics by Country.”

In this blog post, Cambopedia will take you to some of the most active and interesting communities or groups where Cambodians hang out.

Cambodia Photographer Club
You’ve got photos to share or your gears to show off?
This club has nearly 2000 members, most of them are Cambodia-based photographers.
You can find some of the most beautiful pictures taken in Cambodia.

Cambodian Bloggers or Cloggers
Cambodian Bloggers or Cloggers>Cambodian Bloggers
There are more than 200 bloggers (at the time of writing), but the figure is potentially growing as it’s not an open group. This is where Khmer bloggers share what their blog posts.

Cambodia Android User Group (CAUG)
This is probably the largest Facebook Group with members so passionate to share and discuss all things Android.

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