Khmer Flag Song: compose from Khmer heart, sing from Khmer soul

Singers: Riem Sok Phirom, Miss Rithy Lomor Kesor, Miss Alis Sopor, Mr Ousa
Initiator: Riem Sok Phirom
Lyric: Nokor Khmer Center
Music: SmallWorldSmallBand
Video: Loy9 series 2 episode 1

Purpose: Feel our heart from the lyric and music
Special Thank for all friends

In the name of SWSB and Nokor Khmer Center, I would like to show my deep thank to everyone for encouraging this song. Moreover, if we could unite love each other as brothers and sisters under the same flag the same nation.
When you listen to this song, do you feel that you have a BIG family? The family of Khmer, because we have the same heart, it’s Khmer Heart.

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