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Lakhaon (Theatre) festival

Lakhaon is now celebrating four years of existence, but especially the realization of an essential project: the presentation–indeed, the re-creation–of the 21 forms of traditional Cambodian theater.

This year, five forms will be presented to complete this ambitious project.
Reaching this goal was both a wager and a necessity. A wager, because certain forms had all but disappeared from the national repertory, a necessity, because it is important for artists, in order to turn toward contemporaneity, to draw from a visual history that has been mastered.

For Lakhaon is also looking ahead. And elsewhere. That’s why the French company Parnas has become so generously involved, creating every year a new presentation after a two-month residence. This year, the director Catherine Marnas is proposing “her” reading of a comedy by Eugène Labiche, L’affaire de la rue de Lourcine.

Finally, six fables of La Fontaine will be translated into Khmer and presented in various places around Phnom Penh by the companies of the ” Small Shadows Theater.

Free admission – tickets available at the French Cultural Center (FCC) library
In Khmer with English and French subtitles.

Where: Chenla, Phnom Penh – Cambodia
When: 10 September at 19:00 – 17 September at 21:00

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