Email from our reader: Traveling the Cambodian Genocide


I recently published the ebook, Traveling the Cambodian Genocide, which is a collection of essays and photographs that takes readers to the unexplored sites that the Khmer Rouge had once used to commit acts of genocide. The book, however, is really a story of the people–the survivors and the next generation–showing how the atrocities of the ’70s can and still effect them today. It also examines the problems with the country’s educational system, the consequences of a repressive government, and the paradox of victims coexisting with perpetrators. Despite all this, the book portrays the optimism of the Cambodian people. I’m working with a charity on this project and one-third of all proceeds are being donated to help improve the lives of young Cambodians.

I write the travel blog Somewhere Or Bust. My travel writing has appeared in the Boston Globe, the Economist, the Chicago Sun-Times, Islands Magazine, Draft Magazine, and elsewhere, including numerous blogs and in-flight publications. I’ve written about genocide for the Jerusalem Post Magazine, Tikkun, and the Faster Times, where I had a column for three years that addressed issues related to hate. I’m completing a novel about an infant survivor of the Cambodian Genocide, as well as a memoir about my grandparents’ lives in the concentration camps and my journey to uncover those stories.

If you’re interested in learning more about the project and charity, click the below link:

If you’d like to write about the project or arrange an interview, I’d be happy to send you a copy of the book.

Here’s the link on Amazon, in case you were interested:

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